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Posted on Wednesday 27 September 2017

  By Aude LALIS   It is 8:00AM, when we approach and drop anchor in a misty Gros Morne national park. Located on the West coast of the island of Newfoundland, this park displays stunning sceneries resulting from the action of glacial erosion on the Long Range Mountains. Several options are offered to the passengers [...]

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Posted on Wednesday 27 September 2017

  By Barbara POST   Today in the morning we visited L’Anse-aux-Meadows, the first and only known site established by Vikings in North America and the earliest evidence of European settlement in the New World. As such, it is a unique milestone in the history of human migration and discovery. We arrived at the pier [...]

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Posted on Wednesday 27 September 2017

  The Soleal wakes up facing the pristine landscape of the coasts of the Torngats Mountains National Park. We are now sailing in Nunatsiavut territory that belongs to the Canadian Inuit. Around 7.30 am, the ship enters the 40 meter-long Nachvak fjord. The panorama is spectacular: golden cliffs and tundra valleys surround the Soleal. Sun [...]

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Posted on Wednesday 27 September 2017

  By Hanna MICHEL   Overnight we made our way to the mysterious Island of Akpatok. We arrived early in the morning and we able to enjoy the stunning cliffs of the island as the sun was rising. In order to get a close-up look at the island and its cliffs we offered all our [...]

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Posted on Wednesday 27 September 2017

  BY Christophe GOURAUD , Photos by Laurence FISCHER   As we woke up this morning, Le Soléal was arriving in a complex of fjords at the southeastern point of Baffin Island just front of the very scenic Grinnell Glacier. The sun was shining and the morning light on the cliffs surrounding the glacier was stunning. Nevertheless, [...]

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