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Posted on Wednesday 11 January 2017

By Mark WATSON   This Afternoon we anchored off the beautiful island of Espiritu Santo which is situated within the Sanma Province of Vanuatu Espiritu Santo (from the Spanish espíritu santo, “Holy Spirit”). This is the largest island in the nation of Vanuatu, with a surface area of 3955.5 km². It belongs to the archipelago [...]

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Posted on Wednesday 11 January 2017

By Harry CHRISTENSEN   The Solomon Islands & the New Hebrides Archipelago are examples of fractured island “arcs,” autochthonous geological systems, in which patterns of straight-line fractures & vertical & horizontal movement of blocks are the dominant structural feature. The two groups have similar but yet distinctive geologies which amount to a significant contribution to [...]

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Posted on Wednesday 11 January 2017

  By Justin FRIEND   Our morning today was an intentionally quiet one, a time to reflect on what Christmas means to each of us…and to nurse the excellent dinner from last night! Through the night we had steamed from the Western Province of the Solomon Islands into the Central Province. Just out of sight, [...]

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Posted on Wednesday 11 January 2017

  By Justin FRIEND   Since leaving Rabaul we have been steaming full ahead into the territorial waters of the Solomon Islands. Once shared between the German and the British, the German claim to the islands was relinquished during the aftermath of WWI. Independence came to the Solomons in 1978 and after a period of [...]

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Posted on Tuesday 3 January 2017

By Harry CHRISTENSEN   Since we departed East New Britain Island of Papua New Guinea, we started to enter the Solomon Sea on way to the Solomon Islands. The Solomon Sea is identified as a key region of waters feeding the equator, & is of interest in predicting climate variability. The Solomon Sea responds to [...]

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