AUSTRAL, July 2nd, 2017, At sea

Posted on Thursday 6 July 2017

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It’s hard to believe that we are coming to the end of our cruise through Malaysia and Indonesia. The ship has been sailing through the night to bring us toward Darwin, Australia. As we look back over the past nine days, it is kind of nice to have a day to relax and reflect on the trip overall.


From the start, we were taken on an amazing cultural and exotic journey to see the highlights of the area. From the rehabilitated orangutans feeding at a platform, to the uninhabited Tambelan islands where we could snorkel and feel like the islands was all ours. Then we were off exploring the national park of Tanjung Puting and getting to see Orangutans and other primates in the wild as we took on the adventure of a lifetime.


Next we sailed to the majestic island of Komodo and got to see a cultural village, buffalo races and then to the national park to search for Dragons. We saw them and they were remarkable creatures as we caught glimpse of them along our walk.
Another amazing highlight has been the cultural experience of the remote island of Savu where the islanders bright smiles and beautiful singing and dances left us all feeling touched by the experience.
It has been an action-packed cruise and as we take this last day at sea to let it all sink it, I think the experiences we encountered will be with us for ever.




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