BOREAL, July 02th 2017, Sea Ice

Posted on Monday 10 July 2017

Photo 1

By Nicolas TOLSTOI


It’s yet another day of exploration under a radiant weather that begins this morning of July 2.


Our ship, Le BOREAL is surrounded by the pack ice which begins to dislocate by plates of greater or less size. The deep blue sea is quite calm and without a wrinkle, an ideal time to do a zodiac ride through this moving and frozen labyrinth. The aim of this zodiac exploration through the ice is to be able to see even for a moment the polar bear who marauding here in search of his favorite prey the seal that is present here in large numbers. Unfortunately for us the lord of the arctic does not deign to show himself today but the landscape is beautiful and peaceful. We return to the boat with head full of images and memories of this immaculate pack ice where a wonderful meal followed by a show offered by the dancers.
A day of exploration during this magnificent journey to Spitzbergen, which will long remain in our heads.




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