BOREAL, 05 july 2017, July 14th Glacier

Posted on Monday 10 July 2017

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Here we are, our trip starts! After a perfect journey to Longyearbyen, we have embarked yesterday on Le Boreal, our beautiful ship for the next 7 days.
This morning, we listen to Raphaël Sané, our Expedition Leader, and the Captain, Etienne Garcia, who present our itinerary for the following days. After all the explanations, the ice charts, and their descriptions, we are eager to discover it soon! Then Raphaël explains us the security instructions we will have to follow as we are in the Arctic where the Polar bear can appear at any time and the conditions can change very quickly.


As soon as we have eaten our lunch, we get ready for our first landing at the 14th of July bay, at the North East of Svalbard. We can walk on the beach to discover on one side an incredible birds cliff, where Glaucus gull, kittiwake and mures are nesting. The atmosphere is beautiful, birds are flying all around us, their calls echoing on the cliff.
On the other side, we walk up to a nice viewpoint over the glacier… First encounter with this “great white wilderness”, first dramatic landscape. Although the weather could be better today, the scenery remains incredible.




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