BOREAL, July 06th 2017, Hornsund

Posted on Monday 10 July 2017

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By Petra Glardon


Today we learned what the term “Expedition” cruise actually means. It means to be flexible and to be prepared for a constant change of plans like it happened today. Instead of heading north as scheduled, the Captain and the Expedition Leader had decided that we would go southwards because too much rain was expected in the north. In the very south of however, we had indeed a completely dry day and in the afternoon even sunshine!

For our morning activity the overcast light conditions were perfect to appreciate the beautiful blues of different icebergs during a zodiac cruise in Burgerbukta, one of the fjords that branch from the large Hornsund. When the weather is cloudy, the colors of the ice are much more intense and we were amazed not only by the incredible colors but also by the fantastic shapes of these wonderful sculptures floating in the water. We admired a hanging glacier coming down from the cliffs above us (we felt tiny in this majestic environment!) and enjoyed the ride along a 1.5 km glacier front.

During lunch time, the captain sailed Le Boreal to different places in Hornsund and we were able to admire from the open decks or our balconies the extraordinary beauty of this fjord system with its glaciers, mountains and magnificent landscape.

Then, in the afternoon, another highlight was waiting for us. We disembarked at the side of another huge glacier, the Sanmarinbreen, which is 3 km long. The expedition team had opened a way to get up on a moraine and even a little bit on the side of the glacier itself. What an experience! In glorious sunshine we had breathtaking views from above. We could see the ice reaching far inland like a huge frozen river and it was fantastic to be able to get a glimpse on the hundreds of cracks and crevasses! Absolutely amazing!

It was the first time ever that Ponant offered this kind of activity in this bay and we were very happy to be part of the discovery of this new and exciting landing site!
Some of us were also lucky enough to spot some belugas near by the shoreline. These small cetaceans are quite inconspicuous as they have nor dorsal fin and don’t show their fluke when they dive, so this sighting was also something special.

A great day and we are very happy that all plans were changed so wisely to make the most of it!




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