BOREAL, July 13th 2017, Hornsund

Posted on Thursday 20 July 2017


By Dimitri ZVER


Today, we spend the day in the Hornsund, a major fjord systems in the south west of Spitsbergen. In the morning we are in Gnaloden a rich site for wildlife and History. The major feature of the site is a cliff hosting a colony of thousands of Black Legged Kittiwakes as well as Brunnich Guillemots. A family of Polar foxes is also wandering around the bottom of the birds’ cliff, waiting for a bite to eat. Further, remains of a whaler’s grave as well as a trappers hut remind us of the first human presence on the archipelago. After lunch, we disembark near Samarinbreen glacier. We walk along the glacier towards a promontory overlooking this sea of ice. Clouds have cleared up and the sun shines. A pod of Beluga swims by the glacier. A summer day in Spitsbergen on an expedition cruise…




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