BOREAL, July 14th 2017, Lilliehook glacier

Posted on Thursday 20 July 2017

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This morning we woke up to a rather low cloud base, yet, our naturalists still had some activities planned for us. A Zodiac cruise in front of the Lilliehӧӧk glacier was on the program. Here, the glacier front has the particularity that it has gotten wider as it has retreated because the fjord gets wider too. It used to be about three kilometers wide, and now reaches almost seven! Despite the rain, we all head out onto the Zodiacs to admire this huge ice front. The light seems to reflect itself between the ice and the cloud base, bouncing up back and forth and eventually giving a glowing appearance to the band of mountains below the clouds. As our naturalists point out, the ice appears even bluer in the dim light, whereas the color tends to be lost when we are blinded by the bright sunlight.


Today is the French National day, so it makes sense to head over to a bay nearby for the afternoon – the 14th of July bay! The rain has stopped as we head ashore. Here, we get the chance to head over to the side of the glacier. We are even lucky to see a few large blocks of ice break away and create a “mini-tsunami”. It was impressive to see how far the wave could go, carrying small blocks of ice high onto the sandy beaches nearby. On the other side of the landing site, Alexandre and Petra awaits us below a steep cliffs. Many are the bird species that we can observe here – barnacle geese, black-legged kittiwakes, and even an Atlantic puffin flew by!
After stretching our legs we headed back onto the boat. A celebration was planned for the evening to celebrate the French national day. We took over the main lounge and danced the night away!




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