BOREAL, July 15th 2017, Woodfjord

Posted on Thursday 20 July 2017

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Today, we sail into the Woodfjord, a quite impressive fjord in the north of Spitzbergen. Our naturalists team have organized some “bear watch” among each other to be sure that at least 3 of them could look for any wildlife… They started at 6.00 am and around 7.30 a beautiful bear has been spotted on an island! As soon as we hear it, everybody runs outside to observe the King of the Arctic… We are not disappointed. It is impressive and beautiful. We spend an hour watching it from the outside decks, but because of shallow water we cannot get closer than 1 mile. But the observation is very nice anyway. However, our expedition team decides to put a zodiac in the water to see if we could approach from closer… And the answer is YES! So here, we are, about 100-150m from the bear, very quiet and relax. We come slowly, without a word to observe it in his environment. It is so beautiful… We could all spend about 15min with the Bear. We are impressed…


After that, we come back all on board to continue our sailing day. In fact, the plan is to reach the sea ice… But meanwhile, we have time for a very nice lecture given by Petra Glardon about the Polar Bear! Therefore, it answers all our questions after the morning we had!


45 mn after the lecture ends, we are called back at the Main Lounge for our traditional “recap & briefing”. And as soon as it finished, we come back on the outside deck because we are in the sea ice! It is incredible, the atmosphere is stunning. The ship is moving slowly until 2 beautiful walruses on an ice floe. They are not afraid, they watch at us and we watch at them! And shortly after 2 Finn whales can be observed: they are the second largest whale! Impressive animal in an incredible environment… What a day!




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