BOREAL, July 17th 2017, Ny Alesund

Posted on Thursday 27 July 2017

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This morning, Le Boreal went along side in Ny Alesund, the northernmost “city” of the world. Being directly on the pier allowed us to disembark without life vest and boots and it was great that we did not need to go by zodiac as the wind was blowing at 30 miles/hour. But the most exciting moment was when we heard – just as we arrived – that a polar bear was in the town! Indeed, we could see it walking along the beach not far from the houses. How incredible it must be to live in a place where you could encounter a bear the minute you open your door! We all followed the bear with our binoculars as it walked up inland and finally disappeared behind a large moraine. Then, we carried out our call as scheduled. We visited the museum, looked at the old train that dates back to the mining times and photographed the famous mast from which the airships from Amundsen and Nobile took off in order to reach the North Pole. Another popular spot was the old post office where we could stamp cards and other items. Of course, most of us also went to the shop to buy souvenirs or to send postcards (the mail box is now located here).


The wind blew strongly all morning and continued to do so in the afternoon. Our expedition team went for a scout to check if it was possible to carry out a zodiac excursion in front of a glacier, but the sea was very choppy and they came back totally soaked. Therefore, the plans were changed and instead, we headed to a place called Tinayrebukta, where we were able to do a last landing. The light was amazing: sunshine in between a cloudy sky, so the water of the fjord looked emerald green. Astonishingly, the rain clouds just kept circling around us, while we had always a hole of the blue sky above us. A last surprise waited for us before reembarkation to the zodiacs. Our barmen had set up a champagne bar at the beach!


Back at the ship we had the farewell cocktail at the pool deck and then it was time for dinner and packing.




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