SOLEAL, September 10, 2017, Grinnell Glacier, Canada.

Posted on Wednesday 27 September 2017

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BY Christophe GOURAUD , Photos by Laurence FISCHER


As we woke up this morning, Le Soléal was arriving in a complex of fjords at the southeastern point of Baffin Island just front of the very scenic Grinnell Glacier. The sun was shining and the morning light on the cliffs surrounding the glacier was stunning. Nevertheless, the wind – with gusts reaching almost 50 knots, and the swell made the zodiac® operations a bit challenging. We eventually managed to do very nice cruise following the coast line until the glacier front. Wind conditions were bit better deeper in the fjord and we all enjoyed the cruise very much. During lunch, the expedition team was scouting in the vicinity hoping to find a suitable landing spot for us in the afternoon. It was not an easy task. The wind was still blowing and the swell – approaching 2-meter high, were against us. Moreover, the tide in this region is one of the most important worldwide, reaching 18 meters!!! The tide going down in the afternoon, the rocks on the sea shore were extremely slippery and there are no nice sandy beaches around for a smooth landing. All those parameters together, it was simply impossible to safely disembark all of us. Mother Nature always has the final word is those regions.


In the afternoon, we joined Louise in the Theater for an interesting talk about the beautiful plants of the Arctic tundra. Later on, we had a great long recap by our expedition team.




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