SOLEAL, September 12, 2017, Fjords of the Torngats

Posted on Wednesday 27 September 2017

No-696 No-700

The Soleal wakes up facing the pristine landscape of the coasts of the Torngats Mountains National Park. We are now sailing in Nunatsiavut territory that belongs to the Canadian Inuit. Around 7.30 am, the ship enters the 40 meter-long Nachvak fjord. The panorama is spectacular: golden cliffs and tundra valleys surround the Soleal. Sun is shining and the sea is calm: passengers enjoy the ship cruise in Labrador all the morning. In the same time, two lectures are offered in the Theater. Christophe presents the Brünnich guillemot bird in English; then Dimitri tells the story of northern lights in French.


Early afternoon, we head to the south, in order to reach a second legendary fjord of the Tongats Mountains: the Saglek fjord. As soon as we enter the fjord, we spot two polar bears on an island at portside. Both are lying on the tundra and we can observe them easily from the ship. As we are resuming sailing, we spot two other bears: a female and her one-year old calf. Then just nearby, we see a mum and two calves and another mum and one calf! We are watching seven bears at once! We stay more than an hour watching this mythical animal of the Arctic.


The night offers wonderful northern lights that we admire from Deck 7. Before heading south to the direction of Cod Island.




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