Set sail to explore the mysterious “white continent”, this fascinating and sublime land, aboard our latest jewel: Le Soléal. Inaugurated in June 2013, Le Soléal, like her two sister ships Le Boréal and L’Austral, was specially designed for polar expeditions. These new generation craft with their streamlined silhouettes are designed, both in terms of their [...]

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Posted on Wednesday 13 November 2013 Wednesday 13 November 2013

“Why do we feel this strange attraction for the Polar Regions, so powerful, so tenacious that once we are back we forget the mental and physical exhaustion and only think of returning there once again ?”. Words written by Captain Jean-Baptiste Charcot on his return from the South Pole. If there is one word that [...]

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Posted on Wednesday 10 October 2012 Wednesday 10 October 2012

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