A sub-Antarctic region formed by a chain of underwater mountains that extend the Andes as far as the Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia is home to a wide variety of wildlife that is both protected and enchanting. Some of the finest species include:   KING PENGUINS: Easily recognisable with their grey dorsal feathers, streamlined body and [...]

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Posted on Thursday 10 July 2014 Thursday 10 July 2014

Set sail to explore the mysterious “white continent”, this fascinating and sublime land, aboard our latest jewel: Le Soléal. Inaugurated in June 2013, Le Soléal, like her two sister ships Le Boréal and L’Austral, was specially designed for polar expeditions. These new generation craft with their streamlined silhouettes are designed, both in terms of their [...]

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Posted on Wednesday 13 November 2013 Wednesday 13 November 2013

    Some people give flowers, others prefer a romantic dinner, some just can’t resist a box of chocolates, some are happy with just a card… and there are those who treat themselves to a romantic getaway.   If you’re going to get away, what better way than on a luxury cruise. For some people ice [...]

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Posted on Wednesday 13 February 2013 Wednesday 13 February 2013
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