In the Canadian Far North, as the Nunavut stretches as far as the eye can see. This timeless place, both wild and pristine, is the newest and largest Canadian territory. For thousands of years, an ancestral people have inhabited these lands with their harsh conditions:  the Inuit. Indeed, it is to pay homage to this [...]

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Posted on Wednesday 27 November 2013 Wednesday 27 November 2013
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   Does Minganie mean anything to you? Havre Saint-Pierre, the Mingan Archipelago … names of places that are well worth a visit. Where exactly is it, you may well ask? Above the 50th parallel in the region of Quebec, on the North coast of the Gulf of St Lawrence.   Imagine thirty or so limestone islands [...]

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Posted on Wednesday 20 February 2013 Wednesday 20 February 2013

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