For the very first time, Le Ponant is calling at Cape Verde! It will sail along its coasts to discover its most beautiful islands. The archipelago offers a wide cultural diversity, blending authenticity and tradition. You will sail from Praia, the cradle of Cape Verde. The capital is located on the island of Santiago, discovered [...]

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Posted on Wednesday 9 October 2013 Wednesday 9 October 2013

Crossing the Atlantic: a unique experience. 17 days on board L’AUSTRAL from Brazil to the Canaries, on a journey combining exploration of the coasts and sailing far offshore, where the only horizon is the sea. Photograph the colonial houses of Olinda, observe the birds on the sandbanks of Formosa, be intoxicated by the songs of Césaria [...]

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Posted on Wednesday 26 December 2012 Wednesday 26 December 2012

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