Driving down fairways surrounded by the vineyards of Provence, putting on greens in the midst of the garrigue… makes a change from the usual golf course, doesn’t it ? With the Compagnie du Ponant, you can embark on a cruise without leaving your golf clubs on terra firma. Pack your bag and your golf kit and [...]

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Posted on Wednesday 3 April 2013 Wednesday 3 April 2013

  Getting the kids to revise their history is sometimes an uphill struggle and often a bit daunting. So why not forget about the theory and go straight on to the practice?! For a real-life history lesson, head off to the Mediterranean and Adriatic coasts. Mythology is everywhere: on all the street corners, in every [...]

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Posted on Wednesday 27 February 2013 Wednesday 27 February 2013

A rising star of new French gastronomy, the “Chef of the Year 2012″, a cocktail specialist, an expert in Bordeaux grands crus, a top connoisseur of winemaking terroirs, and the chief editor of the magazine CUISINE ET VINS DE FRANCE (FRENCH CUISINE AND WINE) are the well-known men and women that you could meet on [...]

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Posted on Wednesday 7 November 2012 Wednesday 7 November 2012

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